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Focus on energy storage batteries for 20 years,Support customization, large quantity and more favorable price, quality assurance.

-Solar Battery

-GEL / AGM Battery

-VRLA Battery

-Deep Cycle Battery

-UPS Battery


Made of high-quality and pure materials, the self-discharge current is small

Long Life Span

Professional grid alloy design, high corrosion resistance

Small self-discharge loss

Strong power, small self-discharge loss

Safety Performance Testing

All batteries must pass the safety performance test before leaving the factory

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We are a Battery Factory, OEM/ODM Support , Batch Delivery, Quality Assurance!

AGM 12V Series

GEL 12V Series

AGM 2V Series

GEL 2V Series

OPzV 2V Series

OPzS 2V Series

Why Choose Us?

Multiple tests make the product safer and quality assurance

Strong Electricity
High liquid retention
Good Sealing Performance
Small Internal Resistance
Continuous Battery Life
Maintenance Free
High Security
Green Environmental Protection
Stable Discharge
Long Life Span
Put an end to Power Leakage

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We support large quantities of wholesale, the larger the quantity, the more favorable the price, you can contact us for details!

Our services


  • Everything from a single source, directly from the manufacturer
  • Highly qualified personnel with the latest equipment
  • High availability and shortest response times


  • Ensuring test dates and deadlines
  • Appropriate and proper disposal
  • Certified, trained and inspected personnel


  • Globally available
  • Professional handling of international projects
  • Consistently high standard of service worldwide

lifecycle services

  • Our comprehensive and proven service portfolio covers the complete life cycle of your energy storage device and the complete energy system.
  • Lifecycle Services – highest competence, fast, reliable, and available to you on-demand!

Lead Acid and Solar Powered Backup Batteries

These days, power failures can happen at any time, so it’s important to have a solid backup power option. Olsen Power knows this need and offers high-quality lead acid battery 12V and solar powered backup batteries to keep your devices going smoothly even when the power goes out unexpectedly.

It makes our 12V lead acid battery a reliable power source for various jobs. Our lead acid batteries can power your home security system, emergency lighting, and other electronics during a power outage. Their durable construction ensures long-term performance.

Our solar powered backup battery is perfect for green energy users. This eco-friendly choice powers gadgets with solar energy for long-term and low cost. People who wish to reduce their carbon footprint, travel outdoors, or reside in rural regions might consider it.

We guarantee excellent products and services. We provide lead acid (12V) and solar backup batteries and strive to satisfy our clients. We value power you can trust so our products meet and exceed your expectations.

Don’t allow power failures to ruin plans. Browse Olsen Power and get the finest backup power solution.

What does our clients say

Many thanks for your kind and efficient service. I have already and will definitely continue to recommend your products to others in the future. Wishing you all a lovely day and weekend.
Ashlie Farrand
Purchase manager
I have seldom experienced such an efficient help and support like from you! Thank you so much. We will do all the bookings during the next few days and I will revert to you with the end result or maybe with a little more questions. Thank you again. You are a star!
William Pitt
Many thanks ...... No doubt, I will recommend your product to others! If you are interested in promoting your company, please let me know and I will do the utmost to market your performance. Have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.... you are our ONE address to plan our holidays!
Frequently Asked Questions.

Quality comes first for us and our customers. The price is based on the quality and the quantity of the order. We can offer discounts when the order quantity is large.

Of course we can, but there will be a quantity requirement. We will design packaging and printing for customers free of charge.

Yes, we can affix or print the logo on the product according to your requirements, it is free of charge.

Yes, all products must pass safety inspections before they leave the factory.

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If you need help selecting the right battery for your particular application, feel free to contact us, we have a highly trained and qualified team of experts that will be more than happy to help you! And we will protect and manage your personal data.

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