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12V Deep Cycle/rechargeable GEL Battery

Our 12V Deep Cycle Rechargeable Gel Battery

Gel batteries require no maintenance and have a greater lifespan than AGM batteries. They can also be mounted in any orientation thanks to their qualified electrolyte.

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Rate Voltage





UPS,EPS,Solar system,Telecom base station


Floating backup performance ; Wide temperature range;High quality alloy grid

Product Details:

The Olsen 12V Deep Cycle/rechargeable GEL Battery is ideal for both standby and cyclic applications in extreme environments. Maintenance-free and leak-proof, it can reliably supply emergency power to security systems and emergency lighting systems, helping prevent any damage that may be caused by a sudden loss of primary electricity. It is also suitable for RVs and boats, where repeated charges and discharges are highly required, given its long service life and outstanding cycle capacity. Moreover, with its high power-to-weight ratio, it can provide maximum storage for any solar or wind system. With the finest materials, state-of-the-art production techniques, and the strictest quality control procedures, Olsen GEL batteries aim to provide the most reliable, convenient, and economical rechargeable battery solution.


  • Olsen GEL rechargeable maintenance-free battery, which features a built-in voltmeter and charge status indicator
  • Factory activated GEL battery, maintenance-free, no acid pack needed, advanced design works right out of the box and requires no maintenance yet offers the option to prolong the standard life by adding extra electrolytes
  • True deep cycle battery that can be mounted in any position, resists shocks and vibration, long-lasting high performance in high and low temperatures
  • Terminal: internal thread, the listing is for the battery and screws only, no wire harness or mounting accessories included
  • Easy installation and handling


  • Long life
  • High discharge performance
  • High gas recombination efficiency
  • Maximum charge efficiency
  • GEL state electrolyte prevents leakage and layering
  • Low resistance PVC or PF micro-porous separator ensures

Solar Gel 200ah and 150ah Batteries at Olsen Power

Want gel batteries that you can count on to last a long time for your solar energy needs? The Gel 12v 150ah Battery and the Solar Gel Battery 12v 200ah from Olsen Power are the best ways to store energy.

Our Gel 12v 150ah Battery is ideal for solar energy systems since it lasts long. Deep cycle powers allow it to be drained and recharged numerous times, so your solar system will always function.

Solar Gel Battery 12v 200ah is stronger and more durable for larger energy storage demands. Its innovative gel technology performs well in extreme cold and heat, making it excellent for solar energy applications.

Both batteries don’t require maintenance, simplifying upkeep. Additionally, they are durable, saving you money over time.

Now is the time to switch to our gel batteries for energy storage options that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective for your solar energy system. Choose Olsen Power for your energy needs, and power up your life with confidence.


  • Telecom
  • Emergency power
  • UPS units
  • Energy storage systems
  • Electrical Power plants and substation

Specification of Gel 12v batteries:

Model Normal Voltage
Rated Capacity
Approx Dimension Terminal type Terminal position
Length(±3mm) Width(±3mm) Height (±3mm) Total Height(±3mm)
(mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.)
6-GFMJ-55 12 55 15.3 230 9.06 140 5.51 225 8.86 225 8.86 NB/B C
6-GFMJ-65 12 65 20.5 330 12.99 174 6.85 175 6.89 175 6.89 NB/B C
6-GFMJ-75 12 75 22 260 10.24 170 6.69 230 9.06 230 9.06 NB/B C
6-GFMJ-80 12 80 24 260 10.24 170 6.69 230 9.06 230 9.06 NB/B C
6-GFMJ-90 12 90 26 330 12.99 174 6.85 225 8.86 225 8.86 NB/B C
6-GFMJ-100 12 100 29 330 12.99 174 6.85 225 8.86 225 8.86 B C
6-GFMJ-120 12 120 35.5 405 15.94 175 6.89 235 9.25 235 9.25 NB C
6-GFMJ-150 12 150 43 180 18.9 170 6.69 240 9.45 240 9.45 NB E
6-GFMJ-200 12 200 57 525 20.67 240 9.45 245 9.65 245 9.65 NB E
6-GFMJ-250 12 250 69 520 20.47 240 10.59 240 9.65 245 9.65 NB E


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