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Olsen is a professional Manufacturer of lead-acid batteries. specializes in AGM GEL OPZV/OPZS series storage battery, polycrystalline single crystal and solar panel production, and sales, provide the entire solar system configuration installation scheme for customers. The products are mainly used in communications equipment Bank, emergency system, solar power system, wind power generation system, household water off-grid power generation.

we have a group of professional research team, specializing in product research and development, improve product performance, to meet customer demand. We use the environment constantly learning domestic and foreign advanced production technology, improve production technology, reduce the cost, the product will be delivered to the customer’s hands.

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AGM batteries

AGM batteries have a longer lifespan than traditional flooded batteries. Moreover, not only do they serve for a more extended period when they perform the same tasks, but they also last longer when they are not in active use. This is because self-discharging is minimized in these batteries, unlike other types of batteries, which is a huge problem. This ensures that one does not have to keep charging them after an extended period of inactivity.

Specification of AGM 12V batteries:


Specification of AGM 2V batteries:


Gel Batterties

Gel Batteries are becoming increasingly popular for solar systems due to the following reasons:

  1. Best suited for Deep cycle applications and their life is generally in the 500 to 5000 cycles range
  2. Maintenance-free
  3. Spill-proof
  4. Minimal corrosion therefore compatible with sensitive electronic equipment
  5. Rugged and vibration-resistant
  6. Very safe as less risk of sulphuric acid burns
  7. Lowest cost-per-month (cost / months of life)
  8. Lowest cost-per-cycle (cost / life cycles)

Specification of GEL 12V batteries:

gel 12v details

Specification of GEL 2V batteries:

gel 2v details

OPzV batteries

1. Completely sealing throughout the batteries life.

2. Design life12V series 16 years and 2V series 20 years @20°C in continuous float operation down to approx 80% capacity.

3. Gel electrolyte.

4. Low gassing thanks to antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination.

5. Easy to move and handle.

6. Easy install using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers.

7. Ready for immediate use without further commissioning work.

8. Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request, for a horizontal installation.

9. Very low self-discharge <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20 ℃ ambient temperature.

10. No internal short circuits possible due to the gel structure.

11. No acid stratification, so no equalizing charge necessary.

Specification of OPzV 2V batteries:

OPzS batteries

The OPzS solar power single cell battery are vented stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte (diluted sulphuric acid). Due to the tubular plates technology OPzS solar power batteries offer an extreme high cycling expectancy. The excellent cycling behaviour of OPzS solar power tubular plate batteries is based on the around protection of positive mass by using of gauntlets. OPzS solar power batteries are optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like solar or off-grid applications, in particular during PSoC1 operations. The design as DIN-product in accordance to DIN 40736 part 1 gives highest compatibility by changing existing battery systems or integration in case of enlargement of already existing batteries.

opzs 800

Specification of OPzS 2V batteries:

opzs 2v DETAILS

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After the factory has finished producing the goods ,it will be sent to the cutomer’s country by sea.

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